Monday, April 26, 2010


hey friends, sorry i havent blogged in forever.
been busy with school and TRAVELING.
i'm in chicago right now.
no pictures, but when i get home, i will have pictures!!
thanks for holding up. :)
love, ashley.

Friday, April 16, 2010

picture perfect memories and pens.

it was a good start to the day.
dad took me and mom out to dunkin donuts. oh yeah, and we also brought, Peyton. yeah, the DOG.
so we sat there and ate our food and peyton was just sitting there, in the car, watching us.
it was actually kinda sad.
but, oh well, he got through it. hahaha.
then we came home.
and i had to clean my room.
of course, i got distracted by the pictures and neat things i found so i pinned them up on my wall and there they are at the top picture.
i love it.
i have another wall full of pictures, too.
i also found a whole bunch of pens in my room.
so yeah.
that's my morning. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

all smiles.

it was a FUN night. you know, the kind of night where you get done with everything, settle down, and then you look back and think..what a RUSH. it was definantly fun though. :), ale', sam, and hope all went NIGHT SWIMMING.
it was just GREAT.
i loved it.
we took pictures with the underwater camera case that ale' had.
and lemme tell you.. it takes SKILL to look decent underwater.
skill which, i myself, has NOT conquered yet.
pretty tough stuff, if you ask me.
but anyways.. it was fun to just hang out and mess around and splash in the aqua colored pool that was lit up in some places.
a little CREEPY if you ask me though.
but hey isn't that the fun in it?

the last song in the sunshine, baby.

Sooo. As i said. i LOVE going outside and reading in the SUNSHINE. especially since its sunny and the pollen and dust is all gone. but its not. and that is what allergy medicine is for. hahaha.
i've been doing that alot lately, though. laying on my penguin towel :), reading the Last Song, with my buddy Peyton, and MUSIC.
So when i take my break from school i usually spend my time to go outside and do just that. It's actually really RELAXINGGG.
(if you're not sneezing and rubbing your eyes from the pollen, of course (: )

Sunday, April 11, 2010

i will not be conformed.

flow 2008. i fell in love with this verse. you can't exactly see it but says..
do not be conformed to this world. because it'll get you nowhere.

i like my weeks.

So this week i've been listening to alot of music. Pretty much music that my sister recommends. We like the same music. I love love love love it when i can turn up the music really loud and dance and not care about what people think (since theyre not even watching) I'm excited to go to my sister's houses to turn up the ipod, the speakers, and our dance skills (;
I just love times like that. You get a burst of energy like nothing ELSE.
Last saturday, my mom bought me a pair of converse. Bright blue and high tops. I love them because they really add to your outfit and make things POP. I even wore them while just sitting outside because i love them so much. But no, I'm not gonna lie, they are the HARDEST shoe to get your foot into, forreal.
Its hard to do school, sitting inside, while staring at a book while the sunshine is streaming into the windows and the living room and you see how bright it is..then you think about what you could be doing outside, then you think about what you can do in the summer, then you think about summer, then you think about getting your school done which apparently, you're not doing because you're daydreaming about the sunshine. So people, EASY WAY TO FIX THIS. Do school outside, laying on a towel, with your ipod (if you dont get too distracted), with a cute little buddy (preferably a dog), with your book open and your notebook and a pencil and sunglasses. There really are ways to make the season thats close to summer FEEL like summer, even with the school part! it's just great!
My bestfriend, Ale' spent the night on friday. We had an amazing weekend together, basically. Went to frontlines, talked about BESTFRIENDS and God being our bestfriend and how we can make him our bestfriend EVEN MORE by spending time with Him, then went home, ate a bunch of doritos, sour gummy words, watched some Disney channel, took pictures, listened to music, messed around, then went to bed. Next day we went to her house and did the COOLEST THING.
Took pictures under water, which will be in the next post.. but ANYWAY.
This was basically my week. It was also a good week because God got me up to spend some time with Him. And we all need that because if not our lives would basically STINK and we'd be like little stray dogs looking for food and then the dogs eat something which is really bad like CHOCOLATE and mess up. So yeah. God's food is good food. And we need it. God's food is like the brocolli (or anything thats good for you) of life. Hahaha. Good way to see eat. I think. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

more school..

it was a good weekend. friday: went to frontlines. that was good. saturday: hung around the house then went to go see alice in wonderland. which was GREAT. today (Sunday): went to church. that was really good. came home and then ate pizza and watched the little rascals! i'm planning to find that movie before i go to bed tonight. then i went to AWANA. we played soccer, somewhat, then had the usual stuff.

so all in all, it was a good weekend. i dont really mind that its monday tomorrow. i need to get school done. and more school equals closer summer. (facebook status, hahaha.) so the more i get done, the faster i GET DONE with schoool. YES.

SO. i will most definantly be hitting the books this week. let's see how much i get done HAHA.

so ta ta for now. and see you friday, friends. :)